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Archive March 2019

Greater Manchester Practice Educator Conference 2019

Members of the Social Work Directorate were also thrilled to contribute to the planning and delivery of the first Greater Manchester Practice Educator Conference this year called, ‘Building relationships in practice learning’, which was held on 28th February 2019.

The Practice Learning Team from The University of Salford were out in force to share the good news about their recent publication LISTENING TO BLACK STUDENTS… A CRITICAL REVIEW OF PRACTICE EDUCATION a chapter written by Su McCaughan, Gabi Hesk and Andrea Stanley  in the book, ‘Innovations in Practice Learning’ published by Critical Publishing, this was one of the books offered to attendees as a gift at the conference.  Social Work lecturer Su McCaughan one of the contributors to the chapter, also ran a workshop with the editor of the book Sue Taplin.

Former students from The University of Salford, Bright Mude, Winnie Ebockayuk, Olamide Osunnuga and Vee Manyonda from the Social Work course at Salford who are all qualified social workers and now all working in GMSWA except for Winnie who works for Birmingham LA ,  were there to discuss their placement challenges, solutions and progression for Black social work students.

Also in attendance was Dr Suryia Nayak a senior lecturer from the Social Work Directorate at University of Salford, who was a guest keynote speaker, Suryia was instrumental in the research which was used to underpin the chapter mentioned above, along with Allison Coleman. Her keynote was entitled: ‘Intersectionality will revolutionise the experience and outcome of practice educators supporting social work students in practice’.

A great event led by our colleagues from Trafford and involving all GMSWA colleagues, and the Practice Learning Team are lucky to have been invited to participate again in the 2020 GMSWA PE Conference, which we look forward to being part of.