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Who We Are.

A combination of 10 Local Authorities, 3 Universities and the Public Involvement Board (PIB) makes up the independent entity that is Greater Manchester Social Work Academy (GMSWA). 


Raising Standards in social work education, teaching and practice across Greater Manchester. 


The purpose of the GMSWA is to work collaboratively to equip social workers at all stages of their career with the tools and experience they need to give the best service to the people of Greater Manchester.

What We do.

Our primary aim is to drive up social work standards across Adult, Children and Mental Health Social Work Service in the Greater Manchester area.
Collectively, employers and Universities work together to recruit, educate, retain, and continue to develop the best calibre of social workers across Greater Manchester.

There is a commitment from three Universities across Greater Manchester to continue to recruit the best calibre social work students onto Social Work placements, to provide a good standard of academic teaching, and practiced-based learning in statutory social work.

The GMSWA partnership offer also includes post-qualification continued professional development to social work employers across Greater Manchester. There is a commitment, bound by a Memorandum of Commitment signed by 10 local authorities and a third sector partner and the PIB, to work collectively to support a Greater Manchester approach to developing and retaining good social workers in the region.

We look to improve social work standards across Greater Manchester in various ways such as providing interview opportunities, continued professional development and different routes into the Social Work profession.




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