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Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence.

A team of staff around this area of practice, linking academics to this practice area. The area of practice may be different in each Local Authority or Private Voluntary and Independent organisation and would be subject to each employer’s local service need. Employers lead identification of this practice area. Employer’s decision regarding the practice area will underpinned by which local area of social work requires focus, improvement and/or is complex and requires GMSWA resource.

Current Centres of Excellence.

Bolton Council.

Domestic Abuse; strengthening families approach (Children’s).

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Manchester City Council.

Adopting a Signs of Safety model when working with parents with personality disorders (Children’s) .

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Oldham Council.

Middle leadership and Supervision in Children’s Services.

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Rochdale Borough Council.

Improving front door response to referrals and tracking impact of referrals into Adult Services and aiming to de-escalate acute care presentations by working with BARDOC (provider of GP Out of Hours services).

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Salford City Council & Salford Care Organisation.

Family Group Conference (Children’s).

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Tameside Metropolitan Borough.

Improving the child’s recorded journey through use of chronology with ASYEs (Children’s).

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Trafford Council.

Practical application of Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty. An understanding of restrictive practice across the All Age Model (adults and children services) to include a focus on 16+ S20 placements.

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