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GMSWA Vision and Launch Stage 3

GMSWA Vision and Launch Stage 3

On Tuesday 22nd of May, the Greater Manchester Social Work Academy had a look at what stage they are currently at in securing further funding until March 2019. They are currently working on ensuring the work they do can be sustained post-funding.

So, who are GMSWA?

The prime aim for GMWSA is to increase social work standards across Adult, Children and Mental Health Social Work Service. Collectively, employers and Universities are working together to recruit, educate, retain, and continue to develop the best calibre of social workers across Greater Manchester.

Stage 2 Key Achievements

The second stage showed innovation, reform and the driving up of standards. This was evidenced by:

  • Centres of Excellence – areas of social work needed focus on were led by employers, in order to improve standards across the whole of Greater Manchester.
  • GMWSA’s expansion – the collaboration of the three biggest Universities (Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Manchester and University of Salford) to work on the reform agenda and drive up standards.
  • GMSWA held the first National Project Managers Forum and worked with South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership to establish it into Stage 2.
  • Completing all their case studies and capturing the impact of what GMSWA is trying to achieve!
  • Producing the Work Force Data analysis – this was a challenge but a great achievement as they attained a formal document which was presented and considered at GMWA’s Governance Board.
  • The biggest achievement – being awarded Stage 3!

Key priorities and milestones

  • Interim Evaluation to be submitted to the Department for Education by June.
  • A full evaluation to be submitted to DfE by March 2019.
  • To prepare for Return to Social Work Courser to be on offer from September 2018.
  • Development of CPD programme – to begin in autumn.
  • SLA’s for placements to address capacity issue and reduce pressure in the system.
  • To harness role of Principal Social Worker to capture more innovation.
  • Election of chair roles and agree the role of PM.

Sustainability – How will the partnership continue post funding?

GMSWA’s key objectives are to ultimately be a mature and intelligent partnership which thrives on challenge and is responsive to the needs of employers. They are strong in wanting students to be prepared and supported of the world of work and to ultimately develop to be out future Practice Leaders.

How will GMSWA achieve these objectives?

  • Working together to have a GM approach to National Assessment and Accreditation System
  • Apprenticeships – a range of routes that support and ensure GMSWA attract and benefit from the best people.
  • Legally binding agreements
  • Recruitment/Progress fairs

Sustainability – Governance

To strengthen current governance arrangements, the Governance Board and Executive board are to meet quarterly – work streams to meet every six weeks.

Chair meetings – Identify roles and responsibilities, set and agenda in consultation with the PM and meeting the milestones set out in the work plan.


To create a sustainable model that promotes; recruitment, development of retention of social workers across the Greater Manchester Area.

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