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Practice Educators

Practice Educators.

Role of the Practice Educator

The main responsibility of a Practice Educator is to manage and develop a student on placement.

General Responsibilities

  • Managing student development and skills
  • Preparation of the team for the student placement
  • Liaison with internal and external services, professionals and colleagues to ensure effective opportunity and support for the student
  • Ensuring the student adheres to relevant policies and procedures
  • Taking responsibility for the co-ordination of events in the case of any concerns arising during the placement
  • Attendance at relevant meetings relating to placement (pre-placement, mid-placement and possibly final-placement meeting
  • Ensuring accountability arrangements are clear and that effective line management is in place
  • Ensuring the student has essential equipment for work

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Develop an effective learning agreement and curriculum
  • Arrange appropriate induction plan
  • Identification of learning opportunities
  • Ensuring the student received all necessary learning opportunities to achieve Professional Capabilities Framework and the Knowledge Skills Standards
  • Provide structured and reflective supervision sessions for the student on a regular basis (weekly or fortnightly)
  • Provide informal supervision, advice and guidance
  • Supporting the student to link University/Programme based learning to their practice on placement.

Assessment Responsibilities

  • Direct observations of the student’s practice.
  • Provision of feedback to the student regarding practice.
  • Obtain feedback from relevant people on placement. E.G. Service Users, Internal and External Professionals.
  • Judge the evidence provided against the assessment criteria.
  • Writing reports in relation to the student’s progress on placement. Generally this is the Mid-Point and Final Report.
  • Make recommendations about whether the student has passed or failed the placement.

Source: Developing Quality Practice Learning in Social Work (Kirwin Maclean Associates, 2013).

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