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Social Work and Society Political and Ideological Perspectives

Social Work and Society Political and Ideological Perspectives

Co-edited and co-written by  Ian Cummins, Salford University, and Sarah Pollock, Manchester Metropolitan University.

It is essential that social work students understand the lasting impact political decision making can have on service users, yet little guidance exists on this subject. This valuable book provides a comprehensive introduction to politics in social work, unifying the themes of political ideology and social construction across several areas of social work practice, including emerging areas of practice. The book:

  • Introduces the dominant political ideologies in the UK;
  • Examines the impact of these ideological perspectives on different demographic groups;
  • Explores emerging areas of growing political interest such as radicalisation;
  • Employs case studies and examples from practice to aid student understanding.

Including helpful key points to guide reading at the beginning of each chapter, as well as exercises for seminars and further reading recommendations, this text will be an invaluable resource to all students in social work.

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