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Rochdale’s World Social Work Day Celebrations

Every community has a day that they get to take stock of their work and mark their successes. For social workers, it’s of course World Social Work Day. Last week, Tuesday 19th March was World Social Work Day 2019, and all week, partners across GMSWA held events to bring together their teams and embody the theme set by the International Federation of Social Workers, of “Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships”.

Rochdale Council had a whole series of different ways in which they celebrated World Social Work Day, both internally and with their external community. Rochdale chose to go down a more digital approach to their festivities, by creating videos with two of their social workers and their Principal Social Worker. This content was then promoted across Twitter, so that friends, colleagues and interested parties could see the passion practitioners in Rochdale have for social work and their roles. These videos got over 1000 views on Twitter, showing just how Rochdale was able to engage with the external community and highlight the social work profession across social media. The work didn’t stop there, as they also raised money to purchase non-perishable food items and toiletries for their internal stock to support people in times of crisis.

The Rochdale team also got 3 social workers interviewed on Revolution Radio, where they discussed their role and the value that World Social Work Day has within the community. It’s great to hear from practitioners why it actually is important to have a day dedicated to the professionals who work with our vulnerable members of society, as they are usually the first to avoid personal acclaim.

They even managed a ‘celeb’ endorsement, as Lyn Romeo (Chief Social Worker, Adults) provided the following quote for them!

Above all, they made sure that within the GMSWA, social workers were aware of the celebrations and importance of World Social Work Day with internal emails and communications, and a news piece in the GMSWA newsletter. After all, it’s great for the rest of the world to mark WSWD, but it’s vital that practitioners themselves are the ones being involved in any activities and benefiting from the positivity of the day.

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